In my years upon God’s beautiful earth, I have been many things, as we all have. Who I am now is a child of God. There were many years when I had a head knowledge of this, but not a heart and soul one.  In my poetry and soul I am the “gypsy running free…”   My stories are a slice of my life experiences, I am the one who lived them out and share them from my point of view.  The stories are and will be from what I lived that has made me who I am today.  I hope and pray that in my sharing I wound no one.  I pray that The Grace and Love of God, that saved and changed me, has made me  into a better person than I was.
Thank you for your time, and May the God of all Bring Love and Blessings to you and your loved ones.

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This About is a sharing of Life in all of it’s facets, like the petals of these Roses… Life is ever changing.  There are bright times of light and joy; laughter with love and friendships… And, dark days of tears like rain.  Times of emptiness and sorrow that aches into  your heart and marrow.  But, God’s Holy Spirit brings health and healing to our minds and spirits… We are made whole again, from the brokenness comes refractions of new light and joy… Come let us journey together 

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