Reflections of Joy

Oh, God!
I am broken—
The brightly colored hopes of my
Childhood dreams lie scattered at my feet.
The echo of their breaking beats against my ears.
The optimism of my youthful expectations has died
Broken are the promises believed.
Pain reverberates down the corridors of my life.
And, old memories ring like the tolling of a bell.
Oh, Master Craftsman, I lay these broken and
Shattered dreams at Your Blessed Wounded Feet.
Do what you will with them and me.
Out of the Lord’s Will comes the reflections of His Love,
Making stained glass beauty out of torn and broken lives.
His Light shines out of the hues of our pain to show
The amethyst and azure of our healing.
His Love reflects through the beauty of
His works, drawing others to Him
And, to their healing.
Then, to the Glory of God,
We stand about God’s throne
As a beautiful gift, prepared by the Son;
A Stained Glass tribute to God’s Never Ending Love.

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