Faithful Daughter

Blessed Maiden, bathed in light,
Gave consent to God’s delight.
Faithful daughter, servant maid,
Walked with God in plans pre-laid.

Loving Mother, her child’s delight,
Protected Him both day and night.
“Flee Judah,” the dreams command,
“Save the child from Herod’s hand!”

Ancient Nazareth, old and still,
Hid the child of God’s own Will.
Child of wonder and delight,
Bright and loving in her sight.

Bright eyed toddler, with wooden toys,
Growing up with other boys.
Spirit’s stirring from within,
Soon dis-joined all of them.

Son and Mother with spirits still,
Set their hearts on God’s own Will.
Both their own path had to trod,
Each unwavering to serve their God.

All too soon to grow and leave,
Leaving her alone to grieve.
All the joys, fears, and pain,
Brought together for our gain.

Theotokos*, “Bearer of Life,”
Brought Salvation into light.
Theologos, “Word of God,”
Bought our lives with His Own Blood.

Heaven holds them both unseen,
Son and Mother as King and Queen.
Judah’s Miriam, God’s gentle maid,
Bore His Son by whom we’re saved.

*Theotokos, means God bearer, it’s use here is poetic license.


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