Our Emmanuel

The God of old has come to earth,
To be born through a virgin birth.
He came to save both you and me;
His Love flows out across the seas.
The angels sang so joyfully,
To praise their Lord on bended knee.
To shepherds called, “Oh, come and see
From David’s line our King to be.”
The Babe sleeps now in Mary’s arms.
So sweet and still, kept from all harm.
His life to be will yet unfold,
As Prophets told in days of old.
So comes the Babe with us to dwell.
He brings God’s Love, Our Emmanuel.
From death to life, we are saved from sin,
Jesu, Our God, now dwells within.
These are lyrics set to the folk song, “The Water is Wide.” When I asked
Holy Mother to help me write a song of praise for Advent, I finished this
song in fifteen minutes.”The Water is Wide” is also known as “O’Waly, Waly”  and in the missal for the mass one song title is “As the deer longs.”


One thought on “Our Emmanuel

  1. Thank you all, so very much for your time and kindness in reading and sharing with me. It truly means so much. I have tried to share with others around me but very few respond. My daughter and a very good and close friend follow me and give support. But, it just brings such a lift to my heart and soul to meet and receive support from strangers of like mind. Again, Thank you and Blessings, Candace Mason Dwyer


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