Caressing Love

How gently You come to me,
And wrap me in Your peace.
How gently You brush away my tears
And bid my sorrows cease.

How quietly You wait upon me
To hear about my pain.
How quietly You lift it from me
And, bring me joy again.

How tenderly You listen to me.
No hope, no dream to small.
How eagerly my heart awaits
to hear Your slightest call.

How sweetly comes Your call to me.
My name is on Your lips.
How sweetly You reach and touch
My soul, with caressing fingertips.

3 thoughts on “Caressing Love

    1. Thank you, Carol. My poetry comes out of my black period of life. My Episcopal priest husband decided that I wasn’t blond and 19, but the camp counselor was. I was just tossed aside in the middle of winter. With a duplex, a dog and a cat, and a bus ride to work. I lived on a dollar a day banquet frozen dinner, and stole cheese crackers from the employee snack box for lunches. This lasted for a year and a half. But, Jesus was there every night. It never occurred to me to ask anyone for help. I did ask for twenty dollars from a lady friend who refused to let me pay her back. It was a cold and bleak time. But, as the Psalm says…”Joy cometh in the morning!”


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