My Shepherd’s Love

You come to me as a shepherd,
No Royal Purple gown.
You come to me as a shepherd
And, set aside your crown.
Your arms encircle me in Love.
You take away my cares.
You give me Your attention,
And, ruffle up my hair.
My tears you dry;
My fears subside.
You hold me close to Thee.
The loving words you whisper,
Are only meant for me.
You come to me as a Shepherd.
We sit by fire light.
You come to me as a Shepherd
And hold me through the night.

Holy Mother of Providence

Woman of Sorrow, Sweetness and Love
Joy of Earth and Heaven above.
Walk with me in ev’ns light.
Stay with me all through the night.

Be My Mentor and My Guide,
Help release me from my pride.
Extend your arms and gather me,
Let me rest my heart in Thee.
Be my Mother and kiss my brow,
Tell me all is well, somehow.

You have walked this way of life,
Being Woman, Mother and a Wife.
Breathe Your sweetness into my soul,
Lift up my heart and make me whole.

Our Emmanuel

The God of old has come to earth,
To be born through a virgin birth.
He came to save both you and me;
His Love flows out across the seas.
The angels sang so joyfully,
To praise their Lord on bended knee.
To shepherds called, “Oh, come and see
From David’s line our King to be.”
The Babe sleeps now in Mary’s arms.
So sweet and still, kept from all harm.
His life to be will yet unfold,
As Prophets told in days of old.
So comes the Babe with us to dwell.
He brings God’s Love, Our Emmanuel.
From death to life, we are saved from sin,
Jesu, Our God, now dwells within.
These are lyrics set to the folk song, “The Water is Wide.” When I asked
Holy Mother to help me write a song of praise for Advent, I finished this
song in fifteen minutes.”The Water is Wide” is also known as “O’Waly, Waly”  and in the missal for the mass one song title is “As the deer longs.”


Gallant Steeds of White

We ride on gallant steeds of white
Our Royal Banners flying.
Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!
All the peoples are crying

Our King has come to claim His own.
And, we behind Him ride.
Our battles fought; Our battles won;
For God was at our side.

Our King is crowned;
His Kingdom’s come!
And, we beside Him stand.
Our tears are dried;
Our prayers were heard;
Avenged by His right hand.

Our King now stands;
Each knee is bowed,
His name rings through the air!
Jesus, the name above all names,
To Him none can compare.

Our King calls forth His Holy Bride
We come forth from their midst.
Our trial met; Our trials done.
His call begins the feast.

We are His Holy Bride to be,
For Him we are set apart.
Our Lives were His; Our Lives are His.
His name’s burned on our hearts.

Oh, come and listen while you can,
To the glory we will share.
Oh, come and listen while you can,
And, cast away all cares.

Answer His Call; the time draws near,
In Him you must abide.
Put off old ways; Put off all sin,
Come join His Holy Bride!

We ride on gallant steeds of white.
We stand at His Right Hand!
We ride on gallant steeds of white.
Come join us while you can!

Faithful Daughter

Blessed Maiden, bathed in light,
Gave consent to God’s delight.
Faithful daughter, servant maid,
Walked with God in plans pre-laid.

Loving Mother, her child’s delight,
Protected Him both day and night.
“Flee Judah,” the dreams command,
“Save the child from Herod’s hand!”

Ancient Nazareth, old and still,
Hid the child of God’s own Will.
Child of wonder and delight,
Bright and loving in her sight.

Bright eyed toddler, with wooden toys,
Growing up with other boys.
Spirit’s stirring from within,
Soon dis-joined all of them.

Son and Mother with spirits still,
Set their hearts on God’s own Will.
Both their own path had to trod,
Each unwavering to serve their God.

All too soon to grow and leave,
Leaving her alone to grieve.
All the joys, fears, and pain,
Brought together for our gain.

Theotokos*, “Bearer of Life,”
Brought Salvation into light.
Theologos, “Word of God,”
Bought our lives with His Own Blood.

Heaven holds them both unseen,
Son and Mother as King and Queen.
Judah’s Miriam, God’s gentle maid,
Bore His Son by whom we’re saved.

*Theotokos, means God bearer, it’s use here is poetic license.


The Eternal City

We see the Eternal City
Her Foundations tried by fire.
We see the Eternal City
And hear the Angels’ Choir.
Within her gates all Life is found.
Her Treasure’s worth more than gold.
In her, Our Lord and Saviour dwells.
His Face the Saints behold.
Oh, yearn my heart for Her to come.
Jerusalem, Oh, so fair.
To walk among the Saints of Old,
To live victorious there.
Think not my soul, “She will not come.
Her comings just a dream.”
Look up and wait,
The time is short…
All’s not as it may seem.
The time for her arrival is drawing
Oh, so nigh.
Be vigilant, My Brothers,
To hear the watchman’s cry!
The City of Our God will come;
As surely as will He.
Be watchful; Keep believing.
Our Saviour, we will see!
We see the Eternal City,
Her foundations tried by fire.
We see the Eternal City,
And, hear the Angels’ Choir!

The Dance

The Dance goes on—
It’s throbbing beat
Brings Life and Joy
Unto my feet!

The Dance goes on—
The fire grows warm.
I feel the strength
Within Your arms!

The Dance goes on—
The night grows deep.
Within Your power,
I rest and sleep.

The Dance goes on—
The Sun is high.
My King—My Lord
Is drawing nigh!

The Dance goes on—
And all is still.
Now all creation
Does His Will!

The Dance goes on!