Abbey’s Christmas Song Card

She’s dreaming of a Wild Christmas,
Just like the one she’s never known,
Where mom is funny,
And dad counts money,
While she chews upon a bone…. Oh,
She’s dreaming of a Wild Christmas,
Just like the one she wants to know,
Where cats will scatter,
and cold won’t matter,
As long as there’s a ball to roll…. Oh,
She’s dreaming of a Wild Christmas,
Just like the one she wants for you,
Where friends are happy,
And, pups are yappy,
And cats can catch a mouse or two…
She’s dreaming of a Wild Christmas
With every bone she gets to chew…
May your days be Merry and Mild….
And, May all Your Christmases be Wild…..

Ode to a Squirrel

Oh, fuzzy squirrel in the tree,
flicking your tail and mocking me.
You run the wire with ease and flair,
And run around without a care.

Up and down the tree you run,
round and round is such fun.
I watch you flit from there to here,
A life so free without a care!

“No More,” I think, “you brazen squirrel!”
As envy builds, my lip doth curl…
Taking no more of this or that!
I imagine myself an orange cat!

Hidden Treasure

You give me the desires of my heart.
You give me Life without measure.
You give me Joy mixed with
laughter and tears,
for You are my hidden treasure!
What Glory in earthen vessels dwells!
What precious Gift I carry.
It’s fragrance is only known as I
Come to You and tarry.
You give me the Love that sets me free.
You give me faith without measure.
You give me access to Your Heart;
Oh, Jesus, my Hidden Treasure.

Caressing Love

How gently You come to me,
And wrap me in Your peace.
How gently You brush away my tears
And bid my sorrows cease.

How quietly You wait upon me
To hear about my pain.
How quietly You lift it from me
And, bring me joy again.

How tenderly You listen to me.
No hope, no dream to small.
How eagerly my heart awaits
to hear Your slightest call.

How sweetly comes Your call to me.
My name is on Your lips.
How sweetly You reach and touch
My soul, with caressing fingertips.

My Shepherd’s Love

You come to me as a shepherd,
No Royal Purple gown.
You come to me as a shepherd
And, set aside your crown.
Your arms encircle me in Love.
You take away my cares.
You give me Your attention,
And, ruffle up my hair.
My tears you dry;
My fears subside.
You hold me close to Thee.
The loving words you whisper,
Are only meant for me.
You come to me as a Shepherd.
We sit by fire light.
You come to me as a Shepherd
And hold me through the night.

Holy Mother of Providence

Woman of Sorrow, Sweetness and Love
Joy of Earth and Heaven above.
Walk with me in ev’ns light.
Stay with me all through the night.

Be My Mentor and My Guide,
Help release me from my pride.
Extend your arms and gather me,
Let me rest my heart in Thee.
Be my Mother and kiss my brow,
Tell me all is well, somehow.

You have walked this way of life,
Being Woman, Mother and a Wife.
Breathe Your sweetness into my soul,
Lift up my heart and make me whole.