“I Killed the Ghost!”

This is a family story told to me by my grandmother, Rose Lee.  It is one of those too good to be true ones. I want to share with you the story of my great grandmother, Jerusha Herndon and the ghost.  As all story’s go, we must begin with some background.

My grandmother, Rose Lee Jackson began working as a maid at age 18.  Her first job was in the household of Mr. & Mrs. George Lee and their only son William Thomas Lee.  On her first day, she was dusting in the parlor when Will came home.  As his eyes fell on the new maid, he decided he was going to have her.  Rose decided that was not going to happen short of marriage.  So, marry they did!  Well, Gramma Herndon was not pleased with this at all.  Her “Willie” married beneath him and she continued to zing Rose every chance she got.  But, Rose was made of sterner stuff.  So, two boys later, Uncle John and Jim, Gramma Herndon was learning to live with the marriage.

An evening came when Gramma Herndon was going to babysit John 5 and Jim 4. After the first evening out, Rose asked how the boys were with Gramma replying that they had been fine and stayed in their room the whole time.  In fact, she stated that she would look after them any time.  Which, she did, many times.  Then, an evening came when, Gramma Herndon passed Rose and Will on her way out as they were coming in the door saying she had a headache and was going home.

When Rose and Will checked on the boys, John began tattling that Jim killed the ghost.  Jim was so upset he was crying.  After settling them down, the story came out that shortly after Gramma Herndon would come in to babysit, a ghost would appear moaning and groaning and would chase them upstairs into their room where they would stay in fear, until their parents were heard coming in the house.  This ghost appeared time and time again, until tonight when Jim killed it!

It seemed that the ghost had a certain path it would take.  It began in the kitchen moaning and would run through the dining room and chasing the boys upstairs.  Only this time when they heard it moaning in the kitchen, John ran for the stairs and Jim grabbed the poker from the dinning room fireplace, climbed up onto a chair and hit the ghost as it came through the door from the ktichen.  The ghost hit the floor with a thud!  Out Cold!  Uncle Jim jumped down and ran up the stairs screaming, “I Killed the Ghost!  I Killed the Ghost!”

Well, he must have because it never appeared again, even though Gramma Herndon came to babysit again.  Neither she nor Rose ever said anything about  a  ghost!


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